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High quality oil pastels are a versatile medium, which can be used in a variety of ways for a variety of effects.

Softly Blended: All of the artist quality brands mentioned in the article Oil Pastel Brand Information for Fine Artists lend themselves to soft blending. The softest effects are best achieved using fingers to blend. Waxier, lower quality oil pastels will often need wetting with spirits to blend evenly.

Impasto: Oil pastels make lovely thick, impasto marks; rich with pigment and texture.

Sgraffito: The beard for this man was made by laying on strokes of the beard colour, scratching individual hairs out, and then lightly laying on more beard colours. With metal tools oil pastels scratch off very cleanly and can make some wonderfully effective marks. Scratching oil pastels laid over paint reveals lines of the original paint colour, which can make an interesting drawing tool.

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